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daughter of the endless sea
Isabel. 18. Peruvian. Sherlock - Doctor Who - Grey's Anatomy - The Hobbit - Once Upon A Time - Game of Thrones
Ships: Johnlock, Klaroline, Carlijah, Japril, Pondlock, Stydia & Kiliel
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Maybe it’s he's just my type.

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I shall be a good and true wife to Robb, I swear. And as wise a queen as I can.

A game of forgotten ladies: Jeyne Westerling


Stydia Mood Board 1/?

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia      

Lydia and Stiles ‘enjoying’ their honeymoon

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[clara please, eh, for me?  h e l p   h i m.  goodbye clara. miss ya]  
h   e      a   s   k  e   d      y   o  u       a      q   u   e   s   t  i   o  n .

                 w i l l   y o u   h e l p  m e ?

[clara … give him hell, he’ll always need it.]
d: i don’t think that i’m a hugging person now.
c: i’m not sure you get a vote …
d: whatever you say.

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Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

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For me, help him. Go on. And don’t be afraid.

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Sorry! I’ve told you before, take the stairs!

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